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New Vision, New Hope

February 14, 2018

Today we had the pleasure to visit New Vision. New Vision provides unique training to persons experiencing severe bilateral vision loss that is affecting their daily functioning in daily living, vocational, or academic activities.





It's an amazing, eye opening experience, just to experience for a brief moment vision loss, but we left full of hope, since we have here in Lake County, a bunch of great and amazing people that decided to help the community. Not just selling products for a fraction of their cost but also with training, what an experience! We first were greeted by Shelly Gerig, Development Director, who introduced us to New Vision, and that's when Chantel Shafer Buck, MBA, President/CEO took over.


Chantel first showed us these amazing devices that could help people that needs help reading, you can zoom in "to-the-word", there was also a different device that can read whatever you put on the table, a recipe, a bill, a letter, etc. Then we looked at a braille book, a braille typewriter (Amazing it only has about 6 keys!), and a state-of-the-art braille printer that will let them print anything in braille, Chantel was very excited about this printer since it can take them to the next level.


And that's when things got even more exciting, we got to play with a Nintendo Switch! Now I even feel like I need to buy one. At the end, we addressed a letter to ourselves, but we were BLINDFOLDED!



We recommend the Eye Opener Tour to everyone, you can sign up right here



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