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The Power of Positive Relationships

April 23, 2019

“The Power of Positive Relationships.” -“Whale Done!” by Ken Blanchard 


When we started on 2018, we found that there was a lot of things that we were able to plan ahead and be able to be ready for whatever challenges rose up. However when it came to team management and customer service, we truly had no bar to meet. We found that with customer service and team management the bar was to be met as high as we can to always be improving. As time progressed, we tried different strategies to meet that bar but the more we learned, the more we realized there was no bar; it never truly ended. 


It all began when we started to modify our strategies and meetings to set that bar to indefinite. Thanks to our founder and family Mr. Funk, we then were fortunate to run into this book. Reading “Whale done”, we found that there were so many things that were being taught to us not only by our personal experiences but from professionals that were completely different. The ability to turn any negative situation to a positive one is definitely a skill we were thrilled to learn! To succeed, we decided that there needed to be changes.


We made the decision to suggest the book to our team, have a meeting on it and share what we took from it. We found that we were not alone in this wonderful experience! Turns out, we had all received a huge wake up call not only in how we treat others but how we want things done. Whether it was for marriage, parenting, professional experiences, ext. It all worked! The ability to present negative information or feedback in a positive manner was something completely life changing. We don’t want to spoil the opportunity to have that feeling we had when we read it, so we invite you to read the book and share the amazing message this book has to offer! 


As time went on, we started to be fully committed in applying the teachings of this book to our company to create a place where people felt happy to go to, whether it was as a client or as an employee. Our goal is to turn any negative situation into an opportunity to learn, and take something from it. As everything new we try to apply in our personal and professional lives, it proves a challenge, but it is definitely a challenge we are proud to announce we have taken, and we will get great at together! 



In conclusion, if you wanted to know our secret, here it is! We are proud to be able to be a company that applies such a great message to our procedures and how we get things done. We learned that to be the best, we must challenge ourselves to learn each and every day from our team and clients alike. It has further expanded our knowledge in not only making our clients happy, but help us become closer and more positive as a team. We are glad to share this book with you and with anyone that is looking for a positive experience and life! 


Have you read this book? Share your thoughts on what you thought and what you took from it at the comments section, we would love to hear your feedback!  



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